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Hurtling Through Space... by RavingPrep Hurtling Through Space... by RavingPrep
Hurtling Through Space in a Bullet?

Consider this picture an open letter to Joss Whedon. Why, Joss, why? I mean who does this? Who takes one of his self proclaimed favorite characters and puts her into a situation so horrifying it’s almost comical? Who wakes up ‘early one morning’ and kisses his lovely wife and then goes to check in on his newly made and developing human child, smiles to himself and says “Ya know what, I think Kitty Pryde needs to be hurtling endlessly through space?”

Let it be known that this ‘letter’ is not coming from a non-fan. I am arguably one of Joss’ biggest fans. I watched and loved the emotional roller coaster that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, seasons one through seven and avidly collected season eight, first prints only. When the more disloyal fans turned away and raised their pitch forks against season six, I vehemently defended you. Because I really do believe season six was a work of pure genius. I watched your now defunct “Firefly” and even smiled at “Serenity.” I mean, sure, I haven’t gotten around to Dollhouse yet but I will. I’ve heard tales of its awesomeness and I know you wanted to give Eliza Dushku her own show. She deserves it. I’ll be streaming season 1 in the near future. But how? HOW, can I be expected to trust you again when you have LEFT Kitty to such a fate?

Let’s take a look at the picture. Some are going to look at this image and laugh. I, however, do not find it funny. Look at the horror in her eyes. Those are the bugged out eyes of a human mutant moving at 1,000 m/s (typical speed of a fired bullet) forever…with no end in sight…ever. I can’t even begin to go into the many laws of physical science this flips the bird to because as we all know, despite my awesome looking stars, space is NOT a two dimensional field and there are a number of things this bullet would already have crashed into. Not to mention, just how is Kitty remaining alive with no food, but especially no water? So again, this picture is not funny. It harkens back to the two hot dogs in one bun scene from “Blades of Glory” and forces all who look at it to ask “does that look right to you?”

A Bewildered Fan

PS. While Joss is the initial person to be blamed for this calamity, he alone is not to blame for its continued existence. Some others who must also take responsibility for me having to stop my daily life every 3 – 4 weeks, stare blankly at the sky and utter the phrase “hurtling through space in a bullet?” includes Ororo Monroe, Rachel Summers…my bad, forgot she’s asserting her womynhood…Grey and Piotr Rasputin. The first two women, being forsaken Kitty’s BBF’s, should be utterly ashamed of themselves ESPECIALLY Ms. Nigh Omnipotent Daughter of Ms. Grey. As for Mr. Sensitive Artist and Mrs. Wind Rider, if the love of my life and my childhood BEST FRIEND left me to such a fate I would haunt them from beyond the grave.

UPDATE 1.15.2010 - Marvel has just announced that in the March 2010 issue of X Men...THIS NONSENSE COMES TO AN END! If I even had the smallest part in helping to correct this I can die a happy man. Finally all is right with MY world. :)
twofacetoo Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
One hundred percent true, and by the way, if I wrote that then there would e a hell of a lot more strong words in that. But nice work on the bullet.
twofacetoo Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
One hundred percent true, and by the way, if I wrote that then there would e a hell of a lot more strong words in that. But nice work on the bullet.
Katzztar Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
Thanks for not forgetting about Kitty.
I grew up with her and have bitter feelings on how Marvel has developed then downplayed her. I mean she became a kick-ass ninja after being posessed er 'adopted' by Ogun. Many say "oh after possesion was over she forgot those powers". I say thats bull. In the Kitty Pryde; agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ogun faced her and made it clear that she became a ninja master.
But once she leaves Excalibur and goes back to X-Men she acts weak. Both Marrow and Emma get walk over her with Kitty only reacting with snarky comments. I've seen only once in the astonishing, where Kitty acted like her old self and had attacked Emma.
Anyone wants to argue that Kitty isn't that violent person needs to go re-read old X-Men comics. Two main times I remember are=

1- Kitty had tackled a guy in town when he said something she didn't like. Now when she tackled him, sthey went through a window in the traditional way= She wasn't phasing so they were quite physical and broke the glass. He landed on the broken glass as she landed on his stomach and proceded to punch him in the face.

2- When Rogue first appeared at the mansion, asking Xavier for help with her powers, the X-Men went outside as they talked. Kitty slamed a fist into one opened palm, stating she wanted to punch something. Piotr responded by smiling and saying "So what's new?"
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